Iran’s regime & the Syria quagmire

Analysis by: PMOI/MEK

Iran, May 13, 2018 – An Iranian daily recently published a piece titled the “Golan war trap,” shedding light on concerns among senior Iranian regime figures over Tehran’s future in Syria.

“[United States President Donald] Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal, [Russian President Vladimir] Putin’s smile to [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu and the onslaught in Syria, have all increased the possibility of engulfing the (Iranian regime) in a military conflict… At times there are events that take shape at such a fast rate that even the most cunning analysts are left mistaken…

“Putin has provided promising messages to Netanyahu, emphasizing Russia’s policy in Syria parallel to Israel’s interests in the region… Alongside Europe’s sudden backing of Israel and condemning the (Iranian regime), this indicates that Israel is focusing its efforts to have us fall into the ‘Golan war trap.’”

For decades Iran has been investing heavily on its relations with the Assad regime in Syria, making it capable of sending arms, supplies and financial support to its Lebanese offspring, the Hezbollah. This has been a policy that has left nations across the region, from Iran, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and even Yemen paying the price with their lives and from their pockets.

As the Assad regime began a full crackdown of the Syrian people’s revolution, the Iranian regime has been escalating its support. Reports indicate Tehran has sent up to $15 billion a year to prop the Assad regime, alongside hordes of extremist militias from Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan to maintain a hold on Damascus and suppress any call for change.

The Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guards has been continuously sending units under the guise of military advisors, transferring weapons and other military equipment, and establishing a major foot-hold across the country through a vast network of military sites. The IRGC has also established control over the Assad military, or else the regime would have crumbled against the opposition early on.

With all these interests and assets targeted recently, and placed under grave danger, the Iranian regime is facing a very crucial decision:

  1. Continue its current policy of foreign meddling and escalating Middle East tension
  2. Or begin pulling out of Syria and succumb to demands raised by the West

Both options will eventually lead to enormous setbacks in Iran as a restive population continues to demand sweeping remain change and are completely fed up with the ruling mullahs.

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